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Welcome Workplace - H R Roundtable

   Welcome Workplace

Pearl Buck








12:00 – 1:30 p.m.


The cost for the H R Roundtable is Chamber members $25,

non-members $40 per person, and included lunch

The Employment landscape is rapidly changing.  The Chamber invites you to join Pearl S. Buck International and learn about “Welcome Workplace”.  Participants will learn to understand the value and a process for creating an inclusive workplace.  We will be able to articulate core concepts and incorporate them into leadership skills.  The end result will be to cultivate cohesive, high performing teams in a changing world.

1.     Introductions 4.     Terminology 

2.     Overview of The Welcome Workplace: 

        Sustaining a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce                          

5.     My Story, Your Story, Our Story
3.     Why now?  6.     Building Intercultural Competency

The presenter will be Laura Lomax, Vice President of Programs, Pearl S. Buck International oversees education programs and intercultural initiatives at Pearl S. Buck International. Her experience includes working with marginalized communities and creating effective programs for delivery of services. Laura has more than 30 years of organizational leadership and program development experience. In addition to her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from New York University, Laura earned her Foundations Certification from the Intercultural Communications Institute. She is licensed as a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory assessment and certified as a trainer by the Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute. Laura also is a certified trainer and facilitator of Race and Reconciliation conversations and a Cultural Detective.

Testimonial by Frank T. Gallagher, SASD Superintendent

As our community continues to become more diverse, this year the Souderton Area School District implemented the Pearl Buck International Welcome Workplace program with our management team.   The professional development provided by Laura Lomax was purposeful and served as a framework for the management team to have intentional conversations how to meet the needs of all families in the Souderton Area School District.  We will continue to work with Pearl Buck in this area and look forward to our ongoing professional relationship with Laura Lomax and the Pearl Buck staff. 

Reservations may be made by calling or email the chamber office.